One Billion Rising Alto Garda e Ledro 2016

[youtube] V-Day One Billion Rising Revolution 2016 Alto Garda Ledro
Quattro appuntamenti per dire no alla violenza contro le donne e le bambine.
Bezzecca h. 11.00, piazza
Riva h. 12.00, loc. Pernone
Arco h.14.00, piazza III Novembre
Dro h. 15.00, piazza della Repubblica

4 flash mob in 4 hours in Trentino – Italy. This is the 4th year of the OBR revolution. Every year, I am trying to narrate the vday and the flash mobs in different places of our Municipalities,
with the purpose to underline those actions which lead to steps of consciousness…
One Billion Rising 2016