IINFF Istanbul International Nartugan Film Festival

The film by Sara Maino “Marine Elegy” has been shortlisted for IINFF İstanbul International Nartugan Film Festival.
The film got through a selection of 2124 short films and will be screened in Istanbul on December 13-16 2021.
Istanbul International Nartugan Film Festival (IINFF) is a festival that welcomes all communities, old and new, that form the sun ritual cultures. Language and Social Identity are two of the most fundamental elements of this culture. With the help of cinema, the organisers desire to create a cultural unity between the people who speak the first Sun language Turkish and its dialects, and other languages.

Elegia marina

The film is a farewell. A new beginning. A poetic journey. A woman walks the dog on a solitary beach on la Mer du Nord. Inspired by Maya Deren and Konrad Lorenz.

Mani Lit Fest – Greece

1 October 2021 h 21.00
Stoupa, Greece

A tale of two

by and with Marina Kazakova and Sara Maino

We take a road through the favourite verses of great poets – alchemists from different centuries, as sparkles. you just need to listen – and we will hear the innermost secrets, learn about the muses of Sappho, Francesco Petrarca, Dante Alighieri, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Marina Tsvetaeva, Igor Severyanin, Joseph Brodsky. 
The answers to all our questions are stored in encrypted messages of poets, they contain the whole palette of human feelings, relationships and experiences – love and grief, resentment and forgiveness, sin and temptation. 
You can overcome whole distances without fear, and stop 5 millimetres from your fate – this is the discovery we want to share in our new performance through their voices and ours.

A tale of two will be followed by a screening of 
‘Marine Elegy’, a short film by sara maino.


Mani Lit Fest

Mani Lit Fest 2021
1st and 2nd October 2021
Mani, Greece

Happy to announce our participation to Mani Lit Fest in Greece next October with my film “Elegia marina”
and with a new performance poetry with Marina Kazakova.
Let’s go on!

Elegia marina. Il mio recente film girato in Belgio sarà proiettato
al Mani Literature Festival in Grecia!
Saremo presenti anche con una nuova performance di poesia, fresca fresca dalle Prealpi!


Poster Marine Elegy
Poster, drawing by Sara Maino 2021