Poetry performance in Lithuania

13 August 2021 ore 17.00
Demistify 2021 Festival
Šilėnų kaimas, Kalvarijos savivaldybė

A TALE OF TWO (Dvi poetés vienas balsas)
live poetry performance
Marina Kazakova and Sara Maino on stage

We take a road through the favourite verses of great poets – alchemists from different centuries. You just need to listen – and we will hear the innermost secrets, learn about the muses of Francesco Petrarca, Marina Tsvetaeva, Igor Severyanin, Joseph Brodsky.
The answers to all our questions are stored in encrypted messages of poets, they contain the whole palette of human feelings: love and grief, resentment and forgiveness, sin and temptation.
You can overcome whole distances without fear, and stop 5 millimetres from your fate – this is the discovery we want to share in our new show, through their voices and ours.

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